Friday, July 13, 2012

Labels Freebie!

Hey guys! I hope your summer is going well. I just finished my first week of Summer Reading Camp (basically like summer school) and it went fantastic! :-)

I'm still trying to get my room super organized and finished and I had a random idea the other day that I thought would help keep clutter and papers off my desk. Here's a picture:

Excuse the crappy iPhone picture. I bought the hanging file organizers at Target for $2.99! Score!

If you like these, I'm giving you the printable for free! I did it in black because I think they look best on colored cardstock! Let me know if you like them.

Click Here to download these labels!

So, I was going to take pictures of my room this week so I could post them but....... we had a hiccup. I HAD some really nasty/old/stained carpet in my room and my principal came to me the other day asking if I would like it to be tiled to get rid of that carpet. Um, OF COURSE! So, with that great news, I had to move into the art room for a couple of days and everything that I worked so hard on in my room is now in the hallway. I think I died a little when I saw it. But I know it will look so much better!

So, I will post pictures soon because I really really really love my classroom!

Have a good weekend!

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