Friday, June 8, 2012

A Freebie, A Caddy, and Pig Tails!

Hey guys!! Can I just say one thing?! This is only my third post and I'm already addicted. I also LOVEEEEE TpT. I haven't made too much money from it YET, but just the fact that someone besides my mom (she has to like it) likes my stuff is so beyond flattering.

So, yesterday I was thinking about something. Why in the world would I post the pictures of my "Classroom Organization" binder and not give ya'll the chance to print the pages out? That was silly. So click the picture to print those out... for free! :) Click here to get them!

Anyways, when I first got on Pinterest (back when I was student teaching) this is one of the first things I pinned and I absolutely KNEW I had to have it for my desk!

So, I decided to try it out. My mother in law had a wooden lazy susan and I literally had everything I needed to make it (spray paint, ribbon, cans, etc.) So..I like to think of this as a freebie for myself! I love free. My husband loves free even more. :)

So, here's mine:

Not too bad! Please excuse the messy desk. Right now I have markers/sharpies that I love in one, pens in one, scissors, and one's empty. I'm thinking maybe the smartboard remote or something. We'll see! This is definitely cuter and cheaper than something I could go buy!

Ok, well.. I'm going to leave you with ONE last picture because I was finally able to get my daughter's hair into pigtails a few days ago and we celebrate things like that at this house.

She's kinda cute, huh?

Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. That supply caddy is SUPER cute...I'm gonna have to pin that baby and add it to the summer project list!

  2. I am making the caddy as well! Yours is adorable!

  3. Thanks guys! Can't wait to see yours!

  4. I love this idea. I am definitely putting this on my list of must dos. I love your blog and I wanted to award you The One Lovely Blog Award. If you would like you can pick it up from my blog.

    005 Watkins' Way